A compilation of my story-related work: literary essays, voice acting, and short films.

Essay – Rooted in Philology

If there was anyone who understood the power of grand story and could wield it with all the prowess of a literary genius it was J.R.R. Tolkien.  But this sort of brilliance cannot spring up overnight in an isolated corner of the mind; no, it must be cultivated by a deeply intimate knowledge of the vast Rooted in Philology cover.jpegtrove of language.

As a devoted philologist, Tolkien’s literature was rooted, solid and splendid, in all the ancient stories which are the ancestors of words; in fact, it was his love of languages which gave life to the world of Middle Earth, his most magnificent work of fiction.

In light of this, I wrote a paper on the power of language and the Ents role in conveying Tolkien’s linguistic philosophy into the Lord of the Rings.  

Read it here: Rooted in Philology – How the Ents of Middle Earth Reveal Tolkien_s Linguistic Philosophy


Museum Musings


Written with a touch of whimsy, this narrative essay explores several important events from early U.S. history by exploring the objects and inventions that surrounded them.



Read it here: Museum Musings – Trash or Treasure

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– Scared of the Dark

This essay takes a critical look at the effect of vampires, zombies, and the horror genre on our culture, our creativity, and our faith. scarybooks.jpg

Read it here: Scared of the Dark – a Critical Look at the Influence of the Horror Genre

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Film – 8030: a short film

The director’s synopsis of this short film states,

“A loving husband goes off to war and returns with acute PTSD. The aftermath is dog tags.jpgobserved in this short film designed to raise awareness to the deep struggle veterans across the country deal with on a daily basis.”

Watch the film on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/192272946


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Audio drama – Always on my Mind

Written and produced during a week-long intensive for the creative arts, this audio drama suggests an answer to the question “what might have been,” as a young girl struggles to faholding-handsce the reality of what she lost by aborting her son.  I had the privilege to voice the principle role in this compelling drama.

Listen to the drama on Soundcloud here:  https://soundcloud.com/lamplighterministries/group-5-always-on-my-mind?in=lamplighterministries/sets/2015-lamplighter-guild-audio-theater

Photo credit: http://instituteforattachment.ong/3-ways-to-earn-your-childs-trust-a-mothers-memoir-through-reactive-attachment-disorder/


Unexpected Turbulance


I wrote and co-directed this audio drama the same week, a story that captures the unexpected reunion of an estranged mother and daughter and their struggle to release resentment of the past. Confronted by impending disaster, will they be able to find reconiliation before it’s too late?

Listen to the drama on Soundcloud here:


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