Pulchra Musica: A Case for the Beauty of Sacred Music

Beauty.  It is a simple word to cause so much ruckus in the world; and yet it houses all the complexities of mystery.  A powerful force that captures, inspires, startles, and delights us, something that increases joy and deepens meaning, something that demands response yet eludes definition.  This dance of words would seem to lead… Continue reading Pulchra Musica: A Case for the Beauty of Sacred Music


The Clues to a Great Story

Stories are worth your time.   Great stories are worth your time.   But what's the secret sauce to making a story really great?  Andrew Stanton shares three potent ingredients to spice up your story and keep a hungry audience  coming back for a second course:  empathy, anticipation, and wonder. Click here to view this… Continue reading The Clues to a Great Story

Kicking the Muse – a poem

Intriguing. Wondrous. Unexpected. Poignant. Alluring. This poem that refuses to be caught flitting teasing tickling coaxing my consciousness, like an illustrious butterfly eluding a child's eager net; a firefly of inspiration - Wink on, it's here! Blink off, it melds again with the dusky twilight of cognate business. The Left chides the Right, "Why must… Continue reading Kicking the Muse – a poem