Welcome, fellow Creative!

I am Becky – a storyteller with the quirky hobby of sharing smiles, and penchant for big dreams.

I would be hard pressed to find two other things in my life which have been so formative or compelling to me – both individually and working in tandem – than Jesus and stories.  Some of the most potent lessons I have learned have come to me through stories; eloquent authors long dead, and lisping children with wondering eyes, international friends with voices like silk, and vibrant performers whose talent is trebled by knowledge of grace – all have taken a pen from the hand of God and written into my life’s story with a precision that could only be attributed to the wisdom of grace.  IMG_9872-0 (2)Indeed, I doubt I would have the vision for storytelling that I have today were it not for the work of God in me.  Since this is the strong foundation on which I stand, could I then move forward into storytelling with the strength or beauty I aspire to without his active presence?  May it never be!  That he has chosen to make me a storyteller in an age and a country where living story is so desperately needed and so poorly used, stirs in me great excitement and humility.  If I could empower his church to embrace the discipline of creativity, being attentive to all its dangers and delights, so that they could translate the gospel into the language of imagination spoken by much of the Postmodern West, that would be one of the greatest callings I could imagine.


Words are powerful.  They can expose who you are.  For this to be a good thing, your tongue must be set on fire by the Holy Spirit.

~Travis Gingerich