Permit me to tell you a story…

Once upon a time, a weaver found a thread.  A crimson thread, bright with promise, and strong enough to welcome the taught test of his loom.  The weaver loved the color, and determined to weave the volume of his life’s work from this single hue. Now the loom this weaver used was extraordinary; no matter the design the weaver began, it always enhanced and defined his pattern.  The weaver often thought that the loom knew better than he what the design ought to be, almost as if the loom knew the story of each color and worked to teach him what it was.  The same proved true for his crimson thread, for each time the weaver tossed the warp of precious color, the threads shook themselves into letters – he was weaving a book.

But one day while the weaver was going down the lane, returning from his daily walk through the hills behind the village, he stopped short, arrested by the beauty of what he saw. There, curving to the cadence of the breeze, hung a great blanket of the most wondrous blue; the weave was intricate and fine, and the music of its pattern drew his heart to sing along.  Immediately, the weaver rushed back to the market, and bought every skein of that blue in stock.  He and the loom worked far into the night, and the music of his new treasure set the crimson letters dancing in new designs.

The following week, the weaver brought home an armful of fine, filmy stuff, delicate as gossmer and green as the hills he loved so well, and the poetry of this color flooded the tapestry with mystery.  And so it continued.  Day after day the weaver and the loom wrought new designs from the stories of these colors, and week after week, another color and another pattern would be added, until the weaver’s tapestry was great indeed.  Purple, it now had, an ombre of portraits and abstract beauty, white flashed a series of stories screened in silver, and the golden orange delivered its lines in dramatic style, while yellow, lithe and swirling, danced between the rest. Each told a story with unique strength and style, but the intricacy of the design they wove together made a tapestry whose beauty was told of with great wonder throughout the land.

I too have seen the beauty of these colors; I too have become a storyweaver.